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 Can I put the Honeypot on another site?
Author: J.Mangan   (24 Feb 06 7:20am)

I have a honeypot on my own site, but want to put one on another site, in which honeypots are not allowed.

Honeypot Site -
Disallowed site

Can I just put a link on the disallowed site to the allowed one?

 Re: Can I put the Honeypot on another site?
Author: M.Prince   (1 May 06 6:38pm)
Yep. You can just add a link from one to the other. The only downside is that the statistics will all be tracked under one site rather than on a site-by-site basis.
 Re: Can I put the Honeypot on another site?
Author: G.Byers   (26 Apr 07 1:15pm)
I have a half dozen or so sites which are set up on a virtual host sharing the same IP. These are each top level domains such as www./ or www./ and are NOT subdomains. .

I am planning to set up a full version of honeypot on one of these domains and would like it to serve each of the others I host.

I want to keep the full version private for the short term (30-60 days) just so I can see what is happening with everything before opening it up to be shared.

How can I accomplish this?
 Re: Can I put the Honeypot on another site?
Author: J.Britsios2   (27 Apr 07 7:38pm)
I have two web sites and a blog, and all three have an own IP. Can I install honeybot on all of them with one account?
 Re: Can I put the Honeypot on another site?
Author: M.Prince   (28 Apr 07 3:10am)
Yes. You can install honey pots on all three with one account. You can install one honey pot per site. Or you can install a central honey pot and link all the sites to it. The advantage of the former is you can track the stats for each, the advantage of the later is it's a bit less work for you.


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