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 Neat honeypot installation to share...
Author: R.McCahan   (27 Jan 06 12:40am)

Just thought I'd share how I've got our honeypot set up... I am the server administrator for a smallish free host for people who already own domains, and the catch to our service is that we automatically insert ads into the bottom of the page. I figured that with the 400-or-so domains that we've got hosted currently, plenty of which have sizeable amounts of traffic, and all of which are linked from our homepage (which has been scanned by spammers), I had quite a tool at my disposal to give the spammers what for. As a result of my malicious thinking, our honeypot link is now linked invisible alongside the ads on every single page that we serve.

I figure that might give 'em something to play with :).

Jamroll Server Admin
 Re: Neat honeypot installation to share...
Author: M.Prince   (1 May 06 6:39pm)
Great! Thanks for your help with the Project!!

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