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 one site, 2 URLs
Author: J.Cath   (2 Sep 05 10:32am)
Hi there,

I have an active honeypot that was set up on one domain name, now however (marketing / sponsorship reasons) the site can be accessed via two different URLs

Is it okay to have just one Honeypot defined and use one of the two URLs, or should I set up two Honeypot entries and validate the script against both ?

It seems to be working okay at the moment !

 Re: one site, 2 URLs
Author: M.Janssen   (17 Sep 05 4:29pm)
My guess is that you can try to validate it against both to be sure. However I'm not completely sure if it has any effect because I don't know if the script knows its actual domain name - and if not it would not matter at all because the project site wouldn't have any method of knowing either.

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