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 Honey Pot and Geeklog?
Author: M.Lasky   (26 Jan 05 7:03pm)
I've tried to integrate the honey pot script with Geeklog, however, not being a PHP expert, I am not real sure where to put the links or how to integrate them into Geeklog. For the time being, I just created a "story" entry that sits on the homepage with the invisible link. I am not sure this is effective. Can anyone offer advice?
 Re: Honey Pot and Geeklog?
Author: L.Holloway   (2 Feb 05 6:49pm)
As long as the link is visible in your HTML source, a harvester will see it just fine. Sounds like that inivisble story will do the trick!
 Re: Honey Pot and Geeklog?
Author: M.Jervis   (7 May 07 2:53am)
Do you have any ordinary content blocks on your site that appear on every page? My advice would be to drop them into there, or, to edit header.thtml in your theme to put the link just inside the body tag on every page.

The next release of Geeklog (1.4.2) will have http:BL (within SpamX) and Honeypot integration.



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