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 Trouble with PHP install
Author: R.Witcher   (25 Jan 05 10:10am)

I'm trying to setup the honeypot at the following address:

I've uploaded the script (without making any changes to it) and chmod'd it 755.

Any ideas why it's not working?

 Re: Trouble with PHP install
Author: L.Holloway   (25 Jan 05 3:50pm)
Hello. At the moment I'm having trouble accessing that link -- it seems to just churn and timeout. I'll check again in a bit. Or is this the problem you were describing? :)
 Re: Trouble with PHP install
Author: R.Witcher   (25 Jan 05 4:25pm)
That is exactly the problem.

For info on the php settings:

The server is running all other php scrupts just fine, so it seems to be a problem with the honeypot script.
 Re: Trouble with PHP install
Author: R.Monks2   (18 Sep 06 5:13pm)
Make sure it's chmod 755, then try 777.

 Re: Trouble with PHP install
Author: M.Griffiths   (2 Jun 07 9:25am)
ooops - I thought I was replying to a response to my own query

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