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Installing Honey Pots

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 Step #3. Activation
Author: Encino Stan   (24 May 18 9:15am)
Click Activation Link and get error...
ATTENTION Activation failed! We had trouble contacting https://[domain]:443/[honeypot_url].

Update: Got a response that there is an ssl issue on PHPot's end. Will try again in a few days

Update: working now, they fixed it..

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 Re: Step #3. Activation
Author: H.User1325   (24 May 18 12:58pm)
Yes there is a SSL issue. Notice that this forum also has a SSL issue.
It is my understanding that several weeks ago (~30 Apr) there was a server failure at PHP. The issue my continue until the backup server is completely reconfigured or the replacement is in place.

Welcome to the fight from another contributor.
 Re: Step #3. Activation
Author: M.Martella   (12 Jun 18 3:18pm)
Any updates on this? I'm unable to continue my installation (Activation step)... Thanks!
 Re: Step #3. Activation
Author: Encino Stan   (1 Jul 18 1:25pm)
@M.Martella, yes, they fixed it.

I was able to setup a honeypot. I did delete the previous one and recreate a new one, not because it was required, but because I decided on a different url.

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