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 Doesn't seem to be working
Author: P.Paolino   (10 May 18 9:57am)
We installed a honeypot on our website back in February and we still haven't harvested anything, so something is wrong. Can anyone help?
Our code is at the bottom of every one of our many, many pages:
<a href=""><span style="display: none;">come get some honey</span></a>
 Re: Doesn't seem to be working
Author: H.User1325   (10 May 18 12:22pm)
There is not necessarily something wrong. Have you gone to your Honeypot page and check? <Home> <Manage Honey Pots> is the @ green?

The process before a "Harvester visits to your site(s):" shows up on your dashboard does take some time. 1) a harvester must find and follow the link, 2) collect one of the coded email addresses there. 3) pass the address on to a spammer and finely 4) the spammer needs to sent an email to the address. This process may take some time.

Did you mark you HoneyPot Public or Privet? If others can use QuickLinks to your HP you should get more traffic.

Welcome to the fight. It has been a while sense I lived in Philly and enjoyed live music in Bucks CO.
 Re: Doesn't seem to be working
Author: P.Paolino   (10 May 18 12:55pm)
Thanks for your reply! Nice to hear from an old resident :)
So, I just realized I can access actual stats from the Manage Honeypots section. I was checking the dashboard which shows that we've had no visits. Feeling dumb.
Thanks again!

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