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 Adding Links from Site to Script
Author: B.Logic   (15 Apr 18 8:42am)
I am installing the honeypot on my website but could not understand the final step ("Add links from site to script").

It says - "The final required step before you begin catching harvesters is to link as many of your existing pages as possible to the new honey pot page. Ideally, you should include links that harvesters can find, but humans are unlikely to visit.

To help you with that, here are several suggestions for links to your honey pot page that will catch many harvesters, but not seen by most human visitors to your site. You should include one or more of the lines of HTML like the examples below in as many of your actual pages as you can. You can mix and match different link formats on different pages in order to fool even clever harvesters."

I found many HTML code examples below this instructions. But where should I put them. I am running my website using MediaWiki which prevents adding html code from web front end. Should I create an HTML file and add one of the example lines in it?

If anyone using ProjectHoneypot on MediaWiki based site, can you please give me an example of an HTML file into which I should add these codes.

Thank you so much.

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