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 How to do HP on
Author: P.Offutt   (1 Apr 18 9:29am)
I have a website, let's say That website is the main one and I've inserted the honeypot in the header (WordPress). I also have a more active blog that is at Yeah, I know, I wish I had made it a subdomain but I've had it since '03 so moving it would be a pita.

Anyway, when I try to do a honeypot script for it, it says I can't.

Can I use the same script for the for the header in the /blog?
 Re: How to do HP on
Author: H.User1325   (1 Apr 18 3:09pm)
You can have only one HP script for each domain, and obviously /blog is a folder in your

In you /blog sub directory you can of course add links to you Honey Pot in the main directory.
 Re: How to do HP on
Author: P.Offutt   (4 Apr 18 7:46pm)
Where would I put the link? I know I can request a link but I have no clue where to put it. In the header and footer or just as a link?

And thank you for your answer!
 Re: How to do HP on
Author: H.User1325   (4 Apr 18 8:48pm)
Use the same invisible links that you added to your WordPress website linking to you HP in your blog.

Don't know which blog SW you are using but I would guess that just like with WordPress you should be able to add the link to the header or footer code and that will create an invisible link on each page of your blog. That is what you want so that anyone trolling through you code will be able to find the link, BUT of course human reader will not see the link.

Along with you HP you should have gotten 8 or 9 examples of how to include links to your HP.


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