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 Honey pot - no data?
Author: W.Chang3   (14 Sep 17 2:02pm)
I've installed honey pot on my website about two hours ago. From the dashboard it shows no harvester visit or spam traps yet. However, from my website CMS event viewer, I can still see that there are bots (i.e. mj12bot) hitting pages with exception errors (therefore gets logged into the event viewer).

I've activated the script and deployed the links to all my pages on the site.

What am I missing? How can I troubleshoot this?

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 Re: Honey pot - no data?
Author: H.User1325   (14 Sep 17 7:19pm)
Yes bots have visited your pages, but have any visited the trap you installed? There are several steps before visitor/bot will be labeled a harvester.

Normally a bot will come across one of the invisible links you have 'peppered' throughout all your pages. Have you made you trap public so others can also add links to your trap?

After a bot finds a link to your trap they must:

1) follow the link to the trap.
2) ignore all the words to 'go away' don't collect any email addresses here, and collect a unique email address.
3) the unique email address must receive an email/spam. NOW we know that the bot that followed the hidden link to the trap IS a harvester AND the IP address of a know spammer is also know..

As you can imagine 1) and 3) may take some time to happen. Be patient. You built it, they will come. Give it a couple of weeks.

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