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 Compatibility with php 7.0
Author: A.Rigg6   (8 Apr 17 12:45am)
Are the honeypot scripts compatible with php 7.0+?
 Re: Compatibility with php 7.0
Author: D.Howe   (10 Apr 17 6:47am)
I am running php7:

# php -v
PHP 7.0.17 (cli) (built: Apr 2 2017 02:27:44) ( NTS )
Copyright (c) 1997-2017 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.0.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2017 Zend Technologies
with Zend OPcache v7.0.17, Copyright (c) 1999-2017, by Zend Technologies
 Re: Compatibility with php 7.0
Author: A.Rigg6   (12 Apr 17 1:05am)
Okay, thank you. I'm confused as I can't install a honeypot on my site regardless of how many times I attempt to scripts I re-create. It has constant validation errors.

I have deleted the site from "Manage Honey Pots" section and reset it. And I have recreated a new honeypot script give times all to no avail.

How can I get around this?

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 Re: Compatibility with php 7.0
Author: D.Howe   (12 Apr 17 1:26pm)
There is another thread here that discusses validation errors and possible fixes.
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Author: J.Jaclin   (28 May 17 1:31pm)

 Re: Compatibility with php 7.0
Author: El_Cacciatore   (24 Aug 17 2:28am)

I'm facing similar issue with PHP7.
When looking thru this message board, IT SEEMS that other users have previously had similar issues but with validation/activation behind IPv6 websites. On my case I have IPv6 activated on my both sites and also using PHP7. To test, does Your website have also IPv6 or only IPv4 enabled? (I think that it might be some kind of issue for PrjHPOT service recognizing requests from managed honeypots from IPv6?)

I found solution for that problem - the problem is not in PHP version nor website behind IPv6.
The problem is that ProjectHoneypot managed honeypot can not be activated from/via IPv6 IP.
What I did to resolve this problem:
1. Went to my managed honeypot URL over 3G connection (As I know that my 3G does not use IPv6 but uses IPv4!)
2. Activated my managed honeypot successfully
(Attempts from my office network and my private home network both failed as they are behind IPv6)
So principally Proj.HoneyPot team should check this and fix it ASAP! (As more and more customers get IPv6 from their ISP's so this problem is real!)

tho when accessing activated managed honeypot over IPv6 - it still shows "generating error", but when accessing over IPv4 it shows managed honeypot correctly...

For anyone that do not want to use board search but want's to check older thread also claiming that IPv6 issue, here is older thread:

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