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 How to see the honey pot working on emails
Author: J.Raju   (28 Mar 13 8:56pm)
Hi, Glad that i have registered to this site by some friends. I want to know ,
1. That merely by registering , does the is watching my receivable spam emails and would caution me . how it will be known
2. Should i log on to see whether the ip, logged on has the infected ip
3. How can i make honeypot my watch dog for spam emails.
4. I come to know of this site only when i try to click a inbox email of a genuine sender

Hope that i receive replies to the above from the users of this program
 Re: How to see the honey pot working on emails
Author: H.User1325   (30 Mar 13 5:42am)
I think you have the wrong idea about what Project HoneyPot does. You should read
 Re: How to see the honey pot working on emails
Author: M.Mueller29   (30 Mar 13 5:43am)
I think you understood project honey pot wrong.
It's not for filtering YOUR emails, it's for catching spambots / harvesters and so on.
It's not connected to your email account in any way

do not follow this link

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