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 IP lists for iptables+ipset?
Author: T.Inspire   (11 Mar 13 2:33pm)
Is it possible to use Project Honey Pot data to seed a list of IP's for use in a packet filtering application?

We would like to create an ipset of ip addresses with recent activity (say a few days or a week), then just drop any matching packets at the border. So far I'm not seeing anything like a downloadable list of ip addresses with recent activity.

Any clues would be most welcome!
 Re: IP lists for iptables+ipset?
Author: M.Mueller29   (19 Mar 13 1:37pm)
Because you're mentioning iptables i think you're using some kind of linux.

Some time ago i wrote a python script for adding spammers + harvesters to iptables.
I never tested it because i moved to a windows server...

You can find it on pastebin (

Please test it before using on your real server. Like i told - it's not tested!

(already saw a mistake. remove the "import pyHoneyPotIpTables" - it's not used anymore)

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