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Author: J.Thompson24   (30 Jan 13 5:02am)
how do I donate a URL that has recently appeared on my visitors list in my Blog? I clicked it once and it appears to be a porn site. Is there a path to add it to the URL list page here? lI scrolled through the page but it doesnt appear to be there...
 Re: URLs
Author: H.User1325   (30 Jan 13 9:09am)
Welcome JT,

What you have is a "spamvertised" URL, a website that is advertised in spam or the comment spam that was posted to your blog.

Project Honey Pot is focused on the source of spam and those that visit web pages to collect email addresses so they can be spammed. Not the websites advertised in those spam.

Different groups concentrate on different areas of the spam problem.

Project Honey Pot identified the harvesters that collect email addresses to sell to spammers, and the spammers IP addresses. Their primary source of information is from visits to their homey post.

SpamCop ( & focuses on the source of the spam, building a dynamic list of current sources of spam to help mail servers identify incoming spam. They start with the email spam.

PhishTank ( identifies and tries to close phishing websites that look like "your" bank, credit card site, etc. to try to collect you username/login and password so they can break into your account. They also start with email spam.

Stop Forum Spam ( is interested in spam posted on forums or blogs, comment spam. Their objective is to identify the sources of comment spam so the spammer can be blocked before the spam gets posted. They start with information about the user that posted the spam: the username, verified email address, user IP and the posted comment.

knujon ( {No Junk spelled backwards} believes the way to stop spam is to attack the source of money that makes spamming profitable. So they focus on closing websites that are advertised in spam email. Again they start with email spam.

If you have the IP address of who posted the comment on your blog, including the pron website, you could add a remark to the IP address by looking up the IP from your dashboard here.

Hope this helps.

 Re: URLs
Author: J.Thompson24   (30 Jan 13 1:44pm)
love the information in this, HUser.

However I have comment moderation in place and spam does not get past that. What this does is appear under 'stats' on another section entirely which shows the urls of people who have read into my blog over a period of time, regardless of posting or not..

There is no way I can remove it and the only difficulty comes in clicking on it more than once. I always feel as if Im encouraging bad behavior (no one sees this page but me by the way) at the very least, or inviting more serious problems such as viruses and redirects. I also have Google turned off, as to web searches.

Ill look more thoroughly into what is available here, at any rate. and thank you for your comments.

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