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 How can I see if someone is hacking my e-mail?
Author: R.Van Der Merw   (27 Jan 13 1:34am)
Apparently my IP has been sending spam for a while now, I do not know if it can do this on its own but I have never sent spam nor do I know how to do so. Now I have been flagged and cannot play LoL, does anyone know what to do?
 Re: How can I see if someone is hacking my e-mail?
Author: P.Newman4   (31 Mar 13 8:33am)
If you know someone who is good with computers, get them to monitor your computer's incoming transmissions and see if you can narrow down the ip address the hacker is using to hit up your computer. Odds are good it is a nimrod directly connecting to you in which case it will not be hard for your ISP to locate him, and his ISP, and get him kicked off their internet service like he deserves.
 Re: How can I see if someone is hacking my e-mail?
Author: H.Master2   (1 Apr 13 9:49am)
Some all-too-frequent possibilities:

If insecure configuration of mail server, you'll see evidence in the mail server logs.

If a vulnerable web application, you'll maybe find evidence in logs of mail server and of httpd server.

If a compromised user account, you'll need to search harder, including the above logs.

You may also find clues in rejected/bounced emails from the spam sent. Again, study the log files.

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