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 I think my Email has been Hacked . How can your services help??
Author: M.Aaron2   (26 Jan 13 4:16pm)
I have been having trouble with my email, I receive spam all the time, however, I have now for the last 8 months been receiving emails that show i am sending the email and receiving the email. . . . . What does this mean??? Do they have my information?? And if they do How much of my info do they have??? Are they hacked into my email account??? how can they use my email address to then send me an email looking like it's from me . . . . . ? What can I do????? And how can your services help . .???
Kind Regards
 Re: I think my Email has been Hacked . How can your services help??
Author: H.User1325   (26 Jan 13 6:04pm)
Welcome to the forum.
One of the easiest things for spammers to forge is the FROM: of an email. They often do this to help them get their spam through your spam filters.
It does not imply anything other than your email address is on their list of email addresses. I dough they have bothered to hack your email. Doesn't seem to have been much of a concern for the last 8 months, but to be sure you could change your password, to a new stronger one just to be sure. Be sure to include UPPER and lower case letters, numbers and special characters; The longer your password is, the better.

The focus of Project Honey Pot is not email spam. The target here is "comment spam," spam sent to forum or bulletin boards.

It does not do any good to double post here.

(correct spelling)

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