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 Genuine users are blocked from my site using http:BL
Author: A.Wald   (11 Jan 13 9:03pm)
I've posted 4 days ago on your other forum but it seems rather inactive:

Since installing http:BL, we keep getting reports of false positives - genuine users who are unable to use our website as their dynamic IP addresses are blacklisted. What should be done in such cases?

Mind you that as many people get their dynamic IP addresses assigned by their ISP, there's little they can do if many of these IPs have been used for spam. It might not even be the fault of the ISP as it's possible some users had their computers infected with viruses.

Had HoneyPot been installed on a great percentage of Internet sites, it would have been easy to force ISPs to closely monitor their IPs but as this isn't the current situation, how can we keep our spam protection and not blocking legitimate users?

See the forum thread on:

 Re: Genuine users are blocked from my site using http:BL
Author: H.User1325   (12 Jan 13 10:52am)
I didn't respond before because with the information given I don't know how to help you. Keep in mind I am JUST a contributor to PHP and user of http:BL service.

http:BL does not block anyone. http:BL returns information about the IP address submitted that is then used by your application to decide what to do. Did you install a package like Spam-o-matic or ZB Block? To make sure a new user sees an affect, the blocking threshold is by default set vary low, like 1 or 5. This may be to low for your application. You could check the control panel and change the setting.

For my implementation I have the rejection level set so that any IP with a http:BL threat level higher that 30 is blocked. At this level I get no false positives and only about 10% of the spammers get through. Sense all new members are monitored, no one but me sees the first (and only) spam they post before being banished.

I sympathies with your users that must use an ISP that also supports spammers. My sympathy extends only to those that don't have an option of providers; realizing there are places in the world with limited connectivity. I suggest they find another ISP or raise hell with their provider.

Better ISPs monitor their users and in self-defense, identify infected users and help them remove the infections. This not only protects the reputation of the ISP, it also provides better service to all of their customers.

Mind you the way you pleaded your case you made it sound like it is PHP's fault that some people let their computers get infected and add to the level of spam or that some ISPs are not aggressively policing their part of the internet to prevent spam.
 Re: Genuine users are blocked from my site using http:BL
Author: L.Holtzclaw   (12 Nov 13 9:26pm)

But i dont have information about this.

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