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 caught email address
Author: H.Hoffman   (11 Jan 13 7:41am)
In "example messages sent" does a captured email address mean that it really did or does exist? How can I prove its existence or one time existence? Thanks h
 Re: caught email address
Author: H.User1325   (11 Jan 13 9:30am)
I don't understand your question. Where did you find "example messages sent"?

Sense Project Honey Pot works with IP addresses, why do you need to prove an email address exist?

Welcome to the spam fight. As a user/supporter of PHP I am glad to help you contribute.
 Re: caught email address
Author: H.Hoffman   (11 Jan 13 10:38am)
Hello H.User1325, Thank you for replying. I found "example messages sent" when I Googled two sir names. It brought up Project Honey Pot with IP The page has an "Example Messages Sent " from this IP. It also includes a listing of a "from" email" with the two sir names and "at carrier uswest". I printed this on 9/22/2011, but it is still in the Honey Pot listings. The proven email existence would establish a connection between these two names. Thank you, also, for the welcome to PHP. h
 Re: caught email address
Author: H.User1325   (11 Jan 13 4:24pm)
Now I understand.

Project Honey Pot's objective is to identify the IP address of those that collect email addresses (harvesters) and the IP addresses of the spammers that use those email addresses.

A honey pots make available coded email addresses that can trace the path from the honey pot, to the IP address of a harvester, to the IP of a spammer and finely to the mail server setup by PHP. What you are looking at is a by-product of that process.

To your original question; No, it does not mean that the email address really does or did exist. What it does mean is that a spammer entered that email address in the FROM: of their spam. The FROM of an email can easily be forged and spammer often do.

The examples for an IP are provided to assist a host trying to track down the customer who's actions got their IP address listed.

You can help by adding QuickLinks to your webpages, or if you own a domain installing a Honey Pot or donate a MX.

 Re: caught email address
Author: H.Hoffman   (13 Jan 13 12:30pm)
Hello Lou, I understand. I will now quit barking up that tree. I will reread your message until it all sinks in. I guess I should have suspected that, since the language was Russian. I will study QuickLinks and aim to add them. Thank you so much for your time and talent. hh
 Re: caught email address
Author: M.Aaron2   (26 Jan 13 4:15pm)
I have been having trouble with my email, I receive spam all the time, however, I have now for the last 8 months been receiving emails that show i am sending the email and receiving the email. . . . . What does this mean??? Do they have my information?? And if they do How much of my info do they have??? Are they hacked into my email account??? how can they use my email address to then send me an email looking like it's from me . . . . . ? What can I do????? And how can your services help . .???
Kind Regards

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