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 Backlash after adding MX entry?
Author: P.Simpson2   (16 Dec 12 10:05am)
5 days after receiving my " Project Honey Pot MX Donation(s) Completed" email, my website was hacked, by adding or replacing the .htaccess file in 8 different directories, including the subdomain directory that was created for the MX donation.

In 5 years of operating my site I have never knowing been hacked until now. Is it a coincidence that the hack almost immediately followed the MX donation? Might spam harvesters be trying to bite back?

My symptoms match those at and my rogue .htaccess code is almost identical to what's listed on that webpage.

Any advice / opinions are welcome.
 Re: Backlash after adding MX entry?
Author: H.User1325   (16 Dec 12 1:23pm)
The difference between an anecdote and a fact is who it happens to. <g>

There are lots of honey pots and MX donations out there, including mine. Anecdotally I haven't seen any evidence of a backlash due to honey pots or MX. From what I have seen spammers don't have the smarts to hack a system. But on the other hand...

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