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 Rate limit
Author: F.M8   (22 Nov 12 8:48am)

Is there a rate limit for each key? From time to time we start seeing that an IP is listed in website but it's not listed in DNS ( at least when sending a request with our key ).

As we are sending a high number of requests, maybe our requests are ignored?

If so, how does this rate limit works?

 Re: Rate limit
Author: H.User1325   (22 Nov 12 10:05am)
The only thing I have send related to limits is in the from the ToS:

" You further acknowledge that Unspam may terminate service for accounts which it determines are abusing the HTTP:BL system, submitting excessive queries, using excessive bandwidth, or engaging in other behavior which may harm the HTTP:BL service, Project Honey Pot, or Unspam. It is Unspam's sole discretion to make determinations regarding any account's termination."

Who know what "excessive queries" are? Just wondering, what rate to you feel is "a high number of requests"?

I have notices some other post here asking about IP not being listed in http:BL, but showing up when looking up the IP manually gives results. May be a data base issue?? Apposed to you reaching a limit, it would seem to me more likely that the db server is reaching a limit and just dumps request back to keep response time down. That way it effects only the user's request not looked up instead of slowing down everyone's response time.
 Re: Rate limit
Author: H.User1325   (25 Nov 12 11:30am)
Well, well F.M8 I see what you mean. Sense you ask I have been looking and found an example today.

A Russian created an account on the forum. I checked and the IP was not listed by http:BP but as you said a manual lookup on the website shows a threat score of 16.

My implementation is not vary clean, I'm making several look-ups per registration/login - still looking for the right place to add the check. The board is not that active, so wouldn't think the request would break any limit.

 Re: Rate limit
Author: H.User1325   (27 Nov 12 5:30pm)
Interesting FB post:

"Just corrected a zone refresh problem on one of the http:BL name servers."

Could this relate?

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