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 How To Whitelist Site Without Browser
Author: J.Gutwirth   (19 Nov 12 11:50am)

We had a customer's email account compromised and as a result got listed on the project honeypot. We see the instructions on how to get whitelisted and it requires going to the whitelist page from the machine that's blacklisted. Unfortunately that page contains a captcha image and since the machine is a remote Linux machine we can't access it from a visual browser to see what the captcha image is. Is there any other way to get an IP whitelisted or perhaps some other way other than having to set up a proxy server on the box?

 Re: How To Whitelist Site Without Browser
Author: E.Langheinrich   (20 Nov 12 9:55am)

Just send a message through the contact us and someone will take care of it.

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