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 Honey Pot Abbreviations HELPPPP
Author: I.Noid   (2 Nov 12 1:40am)
Hi, i promise i have searched and searched page after page tab after tab (including FAQ and Help) and cannot find a key to the abbreviations used by Project Honey Pot next to the IP addresses.

I think i've guessed most of them some of them obviously very easy such as

C = Comments
D = Dictionary
Although if S = Spammer then does M = Mail still? (what's the difference between them)

Only just realised H = Harvester lol.

I am totally flummoxed on what 'W' stands for?????

Please can anyone help, i've spent ages looking for a small paragraph explaining the abbreviations.

Many thanks in advance and sorry for being a newbie.

 Re: Honey Pot Abbreviations HELPPPP
Author: D.Lerner   (6 Nov 12 9:49am)
By clicking on the individual IP addresses ("Click any IP address for more details"), and also using the pop-up menus on the left, I was able to determine that:

C - comment spammer
D - dictionary attacker
H - spam harvester
R - rule breaker
S - mail server
Se- search engine
W - bad web host

I couldn't find any examples of "M".

I wouldn't mind having some more explanation of some of these.

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