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 Why does your anti spam web site have links to
Author: L.McPhee   (29 Oct 12 11:33pm)
Hi ya,

As someone looking to locate some repuatable spam prevention software it just looks suspicious displaying images unrelated to your software.

I realise that it originates from google ads, but the image of asian girls, looks like you had been hacked yourselves.

just saying...

btw honeypot and httpBL installed and operational...

I will be watching forum stats to see if the hit counter starts dropping to valid human users only - for a website that has not been publisiced (to target audience) it was getting too much traffic.

I have been watching the who's online and performing lookup IP on your web site and found most guest users are quesntionable or worse. Many users enter the registration page but very few ever come through.

I have installed other spam prevention techniques on the registration page to prevent bots from successfully registering. ie silly questions like "Are you a spam bot? (hint NO)" and "Leave this box blank" with a form field to enter data which is all validated.
 Re: Why does your anti spam web site have links to
Author: T.Tutor   (16 Feb 13 9:48am)
You shouldn't really discuss ads, it's against Googles TOS

... But you do realise Ads are sometimes related to the users (ie, what searches / sites the user may have used recently)

do not follow this link

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