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 New site
Author: L.Lawton   (29 Sep 12 9:24pm)
Hi folks,

I first set up honeypot on my site several years ago, and it's largely been "set and forget". I've recently had my site rebuilt - but with the same domain. What I'm now trying to ascertain is whether I've done everything I need to do to get the original honeypot replicated on my newly designed site.

The site is built with WP, using the weaver-II theme.

I've added a folder with the same address as in the original site, containing the original honeypot .php file. I've also gone to my Dashboard page: "Manage HoneyPots > Honeypot status > Linking instructions" and pasted a few of the sample links in various spots on about four of my WP .php pages.

My status page says "Honeypot active" with the green "@" symbol.

Is there anything I've fail to do? .. done incorrectly? .. still need to do?

Is there a way I can test the validity of my honeypot now that I've added the links?

 Re: New site
Author: E.Langheinrich   (5 Oct 12 5:46pm)
You might want to just generate a new honeypot for your site and install the new one. That will get you to go through the activation process again and have the system re-verify your install.

Alternatively send a link to your honey pot in through the contact us form and someone can check that it's working correctly.

since you are using WP there are a couple of different WP plugins that can help simplify the process of adding links throughout your site to your Honey Pot. There are others that can help you use http:BL to protect your site.

Best Regards,


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