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 Just where/what pages to add links to?
Author: L.Brooks   (29 Jul 12 5:41pm)
Using SMF 2.0.2, I am not HTML/PHP literate but I can use an editor. The HP has been installed sucessfully but I have not a clue as to what 'pages' I copy the links into and which format to use. I consider a page as what I see on the browser, files are what I have on the server.

I appreciate the help. :)

 Re: Just where/what pages to add links to?
Author: E.Langheinrich   (30 Jul 12 8:54am)

If you click edit next to your honey pot on your dashboard you'll land on the "Manage Honey Pot" page. On the left you will find a link titled "Linking Instructions".

Essentially, you are adding the links within your files in a way that they will be included in a non-human visible way on your pages.

There are lots of different ways to do that. With SMF I believe there are theme files that control the look and feel of your pages. There may also be dedicated header and footer files. By adding the links within those files they should be included on all of your pages.

 Re: Just where/what pages to add links to?
Author: L.Brooks   (5 Aug 12 4:34pm)
Hi Eric,

Many thanks for the help. Sorry for the late response, the HoneyPot site have been horribly slow and I have been unable to connect. I will take a look at the linking instructions and get my site set up all proper.

Best regards,


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