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 Advice for someone with a Suspicious IP
Author: R.Jenkins3   (23 Jul 12 6:29am)
Someone has tried to contact us via one of the forms on our website but has been prevented from doing so because their IP address shows up in the Project Honeypot database:

I'm guessing that there are a couple of possibilities - either their computer has been infected with some sort of malware or they've recently inherited this IP address from an infected computer.

Does that sound right? Is there anything I've missed?

Would you recommend I suggest they get their computer checked? What advice should I give them?

Any help appreciated. Thanks.


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 Re: Advice for someone with a Suspicious IP
Author: E.Langheinrich   (23 Jul 12 12:44pm)
I would recommend that they run a scan on their computer with up to date anti-virus / anti-malware scanners.

Beyond that, you can refer them to the listing page where they can see a report of the activity coming from that IP. They will find a link on the left to request white listing.



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