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 Honey Pot on every page on site?
Author: J.Maxwell4   (21 Jul 12 5:21pm)
Is the Honeypot supposed to be installed on every page on site, just pages! Or should this include non-html files and others similarly served and used?
 Re: Honey Pot on every page on site?
Author: H.User1325   (21 Jul 12 8:16pm)
There is no "supposed to" about it. But the objective is to provide those bots that are scanning your web pages for for email addresses, every opportunity possible to find you HP.

I have HP on 4 domains and a quicklink. 2 or 3 of those links are included in the html rendered by most of my php scripts, and in straight html pages. After initially peppering links through most of the pages I have, my approach now is every time I touch a page for maintenance or update, I make sure there is a HP link in among the menus and human readable links on the page.

I is your choice.

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