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 How does IP monitoring work?
Author: R.Lewallen   (11 Jun 12 10:48am)
I set up IP monitoring for my static-IP web site. It shows no malicious activity. But the web host has notified me that a large amount of spam is being sent from my site.

Since IP monitoring doesn't detect the spam being sent, what's its purpose?
 Re: How does IP monitoring work?
Author: E.Langheinrich   (11 Jun 12 2:25pm)
IP monitoring will notify you when suspicious activity is seen by the Project Honey Pot network from an IP that you are monitoring.

For example, if your IP address visits a honey pot, or sends messages to trap addresses, or posts comment spam, etc.
 Re: How does IP monitoring work?
Author: R.Lewallen   (11 Jun 12 3:04pm)
 Re: How does IP monitoring work?
Author: S.HARTMAN   (7 Sep 12 5:49pm)
I have subscribed to an overseas dating site. I receive a lot of non-solicited emails from doubt Spambot's at work.
Because the IP networks are so vast, what is the best way to capture the entire range of possible IP's to ensure that nothing gets thru?
I am primarily dealing with the Ukraine and Russia, so any help would be appreciated...

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