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 Multiple Domains, One Web Site
Author: R.Root2   (8 Jun 12 7:27pm)
I run a web site creation/hosting system that allows people to create web sites and use their own domain names, but all of the web sites use one web root and one set of code. We have about 15,000 web sites, and 6,000 of them use their own domains. The other 9000 use virtual subdirectories.

I have installed my honeypot in the root folder ... and I've implemented this to appear on every page for web sites that are using our primary domain ...

I am not currently putting it on web sites using a custom domain, because I wasn't sure if that would work.

Obviously, I'm not going to create a unique honeypot for each of the 6000 domain sites... hopefully that won't be necessary.



 Re: Multiple Domains, One Web Site
Author: H.User1325   (9 Jun 12 9:53am)
Instead of 6000 HP or 6000 quickLinks why not install links to your existing HP on all those pages which you have access?

If you will look at the suggested code for using a QuickLink and the code for links to your HP they are the same; except for a little code pointing the QuickLink use to your stats.

The results is only the loss of granularity.


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