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 Links are visible
Author: R.Lewallen   (5 Jun 12 1:17am)
I've put links into my html web pages by directly copying the suggestions received when I registered the honey pot and putting them into the bodies of the pages. When I look at the pages with Firefox, the links are completely visible, with all text exactly as entered. This is true for all of the suggested link forms. I was under the impression these shouldn't be visible -- I certainly don't want them to be. What am I doing wrong?
 Re: Links are visible
Author: H.User1325   (5 Jun 12 7:45am)
R.Lewallen, When you say "the links are completely visible" do you mean you can see the html code or you can see the source anchor text?

What I mean is when view with FF are seeing something like:

< A href="" >anchor text< / A >


this is the body of your page _anchor text_ more of your page

The example suggestions all work, and should not be visible, if inserted correctly. I of course do not know how complected your sight html/CSS is so troubleshooting is hard. If you are using CSS the style of the surrounding block may affect the visibility of the link to the hp.

Have you used (or others) to check you page? html errors are handled differently by different browsers.

Glad to help you fix the problem. the more honeypots, the more links the better.

 Re: Links are visible
Author: R.Lewallen   (5 Jun 12 2:54pm)
Thanks for the response! For example, I pasted the following text into the middle of the html page:

style="display: none;"><a href="">money</a></div> <a

and exactly that text, including ampersands and quotation marks, shows when the page is viewed. This happens with all suggested variations of the links and on all pages I tried it on.

 Re: Links are visible
Author: H.User1325   (5 Jun 12 8:48pm)
That does explain the problem, you didn't quite cut and past the correct code. I'm guessing your links.txt file got buggered somehow, maybe by the editor you opened the file with.

You should have inserted:

<div style="display: none;"><a href="">money</a></div>

By dropping the <div at the beginning the display: none style has no effect, therefore the link is visible.

What editor are you using to open the links.txt file? that may have distorted the beginning of each line of code. the nine example should start with:

<a href="http://www.
<a href="http://www.
<a href="http://www.
<div style="display:
<a href="http://www
<!-- <a href="http://
<div style="position:
<a href="http://www.
<a href="http://www

Hope this and a correct editor help.
 Re: Links are visible
Author: R.Lewallen   (8 Jun 12 2:38am)
Thanks again. I don't recall any links.txt file -- all I saw was an html page with the information. I copied and pasted it into a text file, but some of the symbols and line feeds were lost or changed in the translation. I couldn't find any way to get that html page or the links back without deleting the trap and starting over, so I spent some time fiddling with what I had. I'm not very adept at http but managed to get eight varieties working, so the trap is now set.

Thanks also for the pointer to It showed that my very old and often-modified html pages were a real mess. Took several hours, but now they all pass.

 Re: Links are visible
Author: H.User1325   (8 Jun 12 4:24pm)
Roy, My error. The file is an html file. If you open it with something like notepad or what you use to edit your page, it should be clearer.

Glad you got things running, The more traps the better.


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