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 Sorry. You are using a suspicious IP.
Author: A.Coetser   (2 May 12 10:14am)
"Sorry. You are using a suspicious IP. " on my own IP.

How do I get it on whitelist?
 Re: Sorry. You are using a suspicious IP.
Author: E.Langheinrich   (7 May 12 10:34am)
If you browse the listing page for your IP you should find a link on the left to request white listing.
 Re: Sorry. You are using a suspicious IP.
Author: G.Lynch3   (26 Aug 12 10:25pm)
That only works for the day you make the request and does not put you to the original article or page you are trying to read. I subscribe to a newletter and often I am blocked by this fucking HP bullshit and they won't take me off their list no matter how much I bitch.
 Re: Sorry. You are using a suspicious IP.
Author: K.Bone2   (3 Mar 13 7:47pm)
At least you own your own ip, you may have a chance of doing something about it.

At work I am behind a AT&T network that is shared by 3000+ individuals in my company plus untold other clients of AT&T.

I am being blocked at more and more sites every day.

It's all very good to just tell people to keep filling out challenges but this is already getting very boring.

I would suggest anyone attempting to provide services to corporate clients think carefully before blocking via this system as corporate users in general present via IP addresses that are extensively shared.

The simple fact is that a huge proportion of the world's browsing population present to the world via a constantly changing IP either due to Dynanic IPs, Managed Firewalls\Proxies, VPNs, onion routers etc.

 Re: Sorry. You are using a suspicious IP.
Author: L.Borthwick   (12 Aug 13 5:36pm)
I tried to join a game site. but was denied as my IP was suspicious. I can only use what my ISP provides

I am only a user of the internet I don't have a domain or whatever else you call it. Why was I being denied entry to GameBoomers

I am furious.

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