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 How does an IP get declared a comment spammer?
Author: J.Davis22   (24 Mar 12 8:28am)
As a software developer, I'm wondering how this project knows that an IP address is a comment spammer?, for instance, has API key registration and website owners can add spammers into the SFS database via software plugins. That piece of the puzzle is distinctly missing here even though I've confirmed that it does work - I ran a small sample of about 120 known comment spammers through HTTP:bl and it recognized about 75% of them.
 Re: How does an IP get declared a comment spammer?
Author: G.Lynch3   (26 Aug 12 10:20pm)
I am an individual user and I keep getting listed as greylisted.

Sorry, has been greylisted by http:BL.
You may try whitelisting on

I have told them a hundred fucking times to take me off their fucking list and I'm still on it. How do I force them to take me off?
 Re: How does an IP get declared a comment spammer?
Author: H.User1325   (27 Aug 12 9:36am)
I guess my question is why do you think they should?

giving you the benefit of the dought, I guess you are using a shared mail server at, hosted by Based on the reputation of that IP address with several sources including cisco's SpamCop, SBRS and DNSBL the IP should be on the list.

Just a finer point "You" are not on the list, the IP address is on the list. You unfortunately are using that IP

But that is JMHO.

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