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 Attacks from my computer?
Author: D.Martins2   (24 Oct 11 5:31am)
Hello there!

I know very little about security, so please don't mind if I talk nonsense!
I configured my router to send me email alerts of suspicious activities and about a month later I realised there are over 66 thousand emails!
Most of them show the about the same message: an attack going off from my machine into different IPs. I googled one of these IPs the attacks were going to and got to the Project Honey Pot page. It makes sense, because I noticed that there are spam emails being originated with my email address. Here is an example of the log I get from the router:

No. Time Source IP Destination IP Note
1|10/24/2011 12:11:41 | | |ATTACK
ports scan UDP

End of Alert

I tried to find what could be causing this problem, but couldn't. I will try to block the outgoing port (15624) and also get many spywares to try and find whatever might be causing these attacks.
Meanwhile, would you guys advise me on something? Any tip would be helpful!
Thanks in advance!



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