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 Account Deletion
Author: A.Niedzwiedz   (9 Jun 11 12:52am)
I have searched high and low and can't find a way to delete my account. Can anyone enlighten me?
The reason being, I installed a honeypot on my website and my website started running extremely slowly. I removed the honeypot and it instantly started working at full speed again. I tried this again with the same result.
 Re: Account Deletion
Author: H.User1325   (9 Jun 11 7:48pm)
Sorry things aren't working out for you. I would suggest there is something else wrong. Don't think your honeypot is getting enough traffic to slow down everything on your server. A visit to your honey pot does not put any more load on your server than a visit to any other web page would. Your talking about enough traffic to amount to a DOS.

However, it is quite simple. Login and go to the home page; Click on manage honey pots; By each domain where you have a honeypot is the word "delete" I would click on that.

Or click on the domain name for more status and then click on the "delete honey pot" there.
 Re: Account Deletion
Author: J.Eaton   (6 Aug 11 8:50pm)
yeah right!
 Re: Account Deletion
Author: G.ABANDONED   (29 Nov 12 5:42am)
Still doesn't say HOW TO DELETE THE ACCOUNT...

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