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Author: T.Hunt3   (6 Mar 11 12:44pm)

I'm just curious.

If this software is proving successful, as some are. These guys are touting better performance than the competition at 30% of the cost.

Is the method used by this package any different than the gazillion others in use?

Just curious, because I have a few ip's that came up in the referrers on traffic from my blog that seem to point back to a traffic service, and I don't actually use them.

Thanks in advance!

Author: T.Faker   (18 Apr 11 3:33pm)
Hey Tony,

We think of it like this; Why price things higher then you have to? The way the economy is lately, not everyone can afford to pay $99+ for a tool. So we have decided for now we will keep our price low. We cant say that we wont raise the price in the future, but as you can see if you search for "trafficfaker" in google it is getting spoken about so it obviously works the way we say it does.

Its upto yourself if you decide to purchase the software but I thought I would reply to this thread directly rather then you hearing it from someone else.

Author: W.None   (25 Jul 11 4:23am)
Traffic Faker is just another piece of spam software if you use it you are a spammer.

If you are receiving referrer spam in your web logs from , use your htaccess file to send it back.

Place the following code in your .htaccess file

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} trafficfaker\.com [NC]
RewriteRule ^.*$ [L]

RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} ^66\.55\.138\.243
RewriteRule ^.*$ [L]

The first part {HTTP_REFERER} finds all incoming from and returns it.
The next bit {REMOTE_ADDR} finds all traffic from the IP address ( server) and sends it home.

This code returns all traffic to trafficfaker you will still see a hit on your log, but if 1000s of people do this, T.Faker will see 1000s of hits on his web logs.

The effect of this is Mr T. faker will be spamming himself from his own IP , Burning his own bandwidth.

Author: J.Eaton   (7 Aug 11 12:53am)
He he he, you’re a man after my own heart. Some of the things I have been doing during my I want to give them some personal attention is that very thing.

For example I send German based spammers to the Holocaust remembrance site and Israeli spammer hackers to the and various other tricks to amuse myself with. I can afford to do this as I enjoy unlimited bandwidth

Reading through these posts it is obvious to me that spammers are posting here to try and subvert the Honeypot project.

Although I don't hold with private Police organisations (Honeypot excluded from this) as that leads to power abuse. In all the years I have hosted game servers and Clan websites I have seen many of these private wanna be groups just go power crazy. But the Honeypot project is based on "Mal" activity and not on personal submission. Its is for this reason alone I am a patron of the Honeypot project and have given resources for it and will be expanding my donation of resources to this project.

So who ever you really are,, behind the Fake off and play with the Traffic (high speed automobile type).

Author: W.None   (1 Sep 11 3:29pm)
R R T F L , you’re a man after my own heart .

My little game of send traffic back to T - F is tame compared to some of yours . I don't get much Israeli spam, but am plagued with spam and hacking attempts from German IPs. I control 360 + websites and Trafficfacker has not hit my logs in a few weeks. hopefully Danial and Stewart are dodging trucks on the Hi-way.

Author: W.None   (6 Nov 11 7:47am)
I think traffic Faker is Dead.

The website has been down for a few days ......

I hope I played a part in his downfall


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