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 Delete Account
Author: Z.Kriesse   (16 Jan 11 10:29am)
Please delete my account. I do not have a use for this stuff atm and a friend has this working anyway...Please delete my account
 Re: Delete Account
Author: G.ABANDONED   (29 Nov 12 5:45am)

I mean, there's got to be a way to remove my account when I decide to leave the project. Or isn't there one? That would really be something... something "suspicious". #JustSaying

Any advise on where to find a "delete/remove account" link or who to contact for account removal will be much appreciated!
 Re: Delete Account
Author: H.User1325   (29 Nov 12 3:02pm)
You might try About -> Contcat_us
 Re: Delete Account
Author: K.Keillor   (20 Oct 13 6:40pm)
Hi. I have a Joomla based website and I installed a Joomla JED Honeypot plugin. Beyond that I don't understand how it all works. I have consequently lost all interest. Will you please delete my account so I have no API key or anything else relating to Thank you. I have uninstalled the plugin from my website.
 Re: Delete Account
Author: G.Panicker   (21 Feb 14 9:53pm)
delete my account
 Re: Delete Account
Author: M.Maclennan   (3 Jan 15 1:25am)
I never new what it was thought it was anti viris
 Re: Delete Account
Author: J.Robinson9   (12 Jul 18 3:46pm)
retiring this co. pls delete my account.
 Re: Delete Account
Author: D.DeleteThisAc   (13 Jun 19 10:47am)
This is a duplicate account. Please delete it. Thanks!
 Re: Delete Account
Author: M.Malcekova   (26 Jul 19 7:50pm)
please delete my account
 Re: Delete Account
Author: A.Stay2   (7 Oct 19 7:44pm)
Please delete this account
 Re: Delete Account
Author: I.Misticos   (29 Nov 19 6:54am)
please delete this account and preferably to mail me when its done
 Re: Delete Account
Author: L.Mihesh   (10 Dec 19 12:56am)
Hey people, you need to know this.

#1, You can delete your account if you have Twitter account. Just tweet it to @eastdakota, Cloudflare's CEO, who created this project.

#2, You better read this. Especially ethics page. All your data was sold. Are you happy about it?

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