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 What is wrong with the internet?
Author: M.Bishof   (21 Dec 10 5:51am)
About five years back I started checking my log files for site crawler and I once in a while found some unwanted ones.
About two years ago that number has increased and people really tried sucking our directory.
A few months back I started to check our logs on a daily basis and put offenders in the firewall config.

I started to use Project Honeypot and have a log file report running day and night and found that about 50% of our traffic is only harvesters, bad bots, rippers, Xenu lick sleuth, what ever you can think of to copy, crawl, etc our company directory.

Meanwhile I have about 200 'SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent' orders and a few thousand ips in the firewall. It is a daily and nightly cat and mouse to observe who is a normal user and who is not. User agent rotation, time delay for downloading, there are so many things to slip through automatic blacklisting.

My experience is the more people go into the cloud the more attackers we get because we can not trace them.

It is such a Wild Wild Web ...

What is your experience?
 Re: What is wrong with the internet?
Author: J.Kershaw2   (2 Apr 12 3:13am)
lol I got a slogan/logo like that for WWW!

Remember what happened to the west? Beauty in harshness, intoxicating by the basest of sense desires.
Then we civilized it in the name of gold, put houses on the sands of beaches and made a gordon's knot out of storied multilaned freeway.

Webs turn!!
I believe the Internet is the new savage American Wild West. Lawlessness, theft, violence, gambling, prostitution. The Internet is a good place to find a fresh start, run from an old life, lose yourself. Unfortunately, the Internet remakes this iconic American period in a parallel universe spanning invisible over the whole world like a blanket. One day, the world online will be acknowledged as such and it will have its own fully realized system of order, law, enforcement. It will be near impossible to separate the person created online from the person biologically alive.
It just hasn't happenened yet. That said, why don't we make a group that pledges members to report any suspected minors on explicit groups or posting provocative pics or stories? Me, I personally believe we should start going after the at-risk kids instead of hoping to catch a few sickies with dummy sites and stings. Pedators by their nature got too much skill to easily find(they walk free for years, hello?) Same with the spammers. If we can't catch the peds, we can at least identify and bar minors from pedy playgrounds. If we can't catch the breathing versions of hackers we can at least identify them, maybe one day we can 'genetically alter' found no-nos that canabalizes itself if certain values ocurr.

Do not mistake me as saying I don't agree with people mad at the poor policing of sites or servers whom provide emails. I am mad. The thing about it that was making me mad is likely different though. Spammers tick me off because its a no effort job in comparision of all the people their stuff can hit with just a computer and a studied bent to not be a Joe Blow. The p0rn on such and such sites, they are too big and complex to police with so few methods of proving age, appropriateness, who we really are. BUT! Why do they only boot or censure a few? Why don't other members hear of it? If a site booted a member for an infraction then all in their immediate circle should get banned, every person liking or commenting on the flagged stuff too. We'd start being more careful what we say or who we friend if this could happen, yes? Then, in a lovely news message from the site will do a report on it like the real world local news would a real world crime.

Does FB, EP, MS, any social site do that, though? If any do, show me cause I'm not seeing it.

Right now things online are at heart only governed by the personal morals and motives of each person logged in. If we want to be living to see that future era of the Internet realized, we got to start acting on our beliefs every place we go.

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