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 using in Spamassassin
Author: S.Deiszner   (23 Nov 09 8:46am)

how do i use the honeypot-Data in spamassassin?


 Re: using in Spamassassin
Author: M.Prince   (24 Nov 09 5:27pm)
There is no approved, direct way to incorporate Project Honey Pot's data into Spam Assassin. The best way to get the benefit of Project Honey Pot with SA is to use one of the RBLs with which we share data. I'd recommend the SURBL ( which integrates with Spam Assassin directly and with whom we currently are feeding URLs that appear in spam messages received by the Project.
 Re: using in Spamassassin
Author: N.Forde   (22 Feb 10 10:57pm)
This won't help when we're receiving spam from bots that you have listed.

We get a lot of spam from bots that you have listed, so it would be great if you can allow spam assassin dns requests. Currently we can't do this because you require the access key BEFORE the IP address as follows -

We can easily write a spam assassin rule if you allow the access key AFTER the IP address, as shown here -

Allowing this would allow us to say NO to spam coming from bots.
 Re: using in Spamassassin
Author: N.Forde   (26 Jun 12 4:57pm)
Any update on this?
 Re: using in Spamassassin
Author: H.User1325   (27 Jun 12 8:11am)
IIRC the terms of service expressly forbid "say NO to spam" coming from bots or else where based on http:BL information.


You agree that the HTTP:BL service is exclusively designed to provide information on web traffic. It is a violation of this agreement to use the HTTP:BL service to receive information in order to block email traffic. You acknowledge that using this service to block email traffic may result in a large number of false positives and legitimate email senders being blocked. You agree that it is a violation of this Agreement to use information provided by the HTTP:BL service to block email. Use of HTTP:BL to block email subjects you to the immediate revocation of your Access Key and potential additional sanctions.

If I read that correctly I wouldn't expect an update to do what you want.


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