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 "Invisibly" linking to the honey pot url
Author: C.Kruslicky   (22 Nov 04 8:47pm)
There were a variety of examples given during a setup stage (4?). Would someone post them here for reference? I wasn't able to find them in the FAQ or elsewhere, and don't want to try to setup a bogus script to get them =)

 Re: "Invisibly" linking to the honey pot url
Author: M.Prince   (22 Nov 04 8:56pm)
Different users are given different sets of invisible links, so I'd actually prefer users not post them here. A complete list could potentially give useful information to spammers on what links to avoid.

However, you can see the linking instructions, including the invisible link formats, by going to:

Click on the domain for the honey pot you're interested in. Then click the "Linking Instructions" link in the menu on the left.
 Re: "Invisibly" linking to the honey pot url
Author: C.Kruslicky   (22 Nov 04 9:13pm)
I guess I was just overlooking the link =)
And wanted to get ideas, not necessarily copy-n-paste, but this is even better.
Thank you.
 Re: "Invisibly" linking to the honey pot url
Author: C.Lopes   (21 Jul 05 8:40pm)
<a href=""><!--
fungus-audiovisual --></a>

<a href=""><img
src="fungus-audiovisual.gif" height="1" width="1"

<a href="" style="display:

<div style="display: none;"><a

<a href=""></a>

<!-- <a

<div style="position: absolute; top: -250px; left: -250px;"><a

<a href=""><span
style="display: none;">fungus-audiovisual</span></a>

<a href=""><div
style="height: 0px; width: 0px;"></div></a>
 Re: "Invisibly" linking to the honey pot url
Author: J.DiUbaldi   (22 Aug 05 1:35pm)
Thanks, Lopes. I've added the following to my footer.php file which is included on almost all of my zepfanman pages as <?php include("footer.php") ?>:
<a href="" title="Project Honey Pot">Spam fighting</a> <a style="display:none" href="">with this juicy link</a>

Will bots still see this link on every page, or will they only see the one footer.php reference?
 Re: "Invisibly" linking to the honey pot url
Author: J.Landrum   (8 Dec 05 12:15pm)
If your php site is like my old one, the footer is called for every page, which means they'll see it on every page. I also put one at the top of my main body div, and one in the sidebar. I figure you can't have too many ;)


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