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 Wrong IP information?
Author: A.Rocha4   (5 Mar 19 12:03pm)
So I'm getting blocked by some websites (that message that says "One more step
Please complete the security check to access -site-" that makes you go through a captcha) and I found a forum post that told me to use a "whats my ip" kind of site and then search it on here.
But here it says I'm from France (I'm Brazilian, I've never been to France) and the messages sent all seem to be spam, which I don't send. Actually, some of them seem to be in German and I don't know German as well.
Anyone knows what's going on? Did I look up the wrong IP address? I'm pretty sure you can't "steal" an IP, but I know nothing about this stuff so no idea.
 Re: Wrong IP information?
Author: H.User1325   (5 Mar 19 10:10pm)
With almost no information it is hard to say 'what is going on.'

A place to start would be your IP address, if you please. With that we could double check who owns/controls that IP address (I assume it is your Internet Service Provider ~ ISP) and then we can go from there.

It is quit possible that your ISP in Brazil is a company owned by or with an address in France, which makes it look like you are in France.

Also if IP you looked up is shared by other customers of your ISP, who knows what could be sent from the IP address you use/looked up.

Just another user, Lou
 Re: Wrong IP information?
Author: A.Rocha4   (7 Mar 19 10:14am)
When I used the "whats my ip" site that day it said my IP was, but today it says my IP is, which is from Uruguay, pretty close to were I live. I remember that an hour or so after I posted this question I wasn't getting blocked by sites anymore, no idea what happened but it seems to be solved? Quite?
 Re: Wrong IP information?
Author: H.User1325   (7 Mar 19 2:17pm)
when I checked IP I get:

aut-num: AS266201
abuse-c: LEARN4
owner: RNV CORP <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
ownerid: 24.484.583/0001-31
responsible: Leonardo Arnold
country: BR <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
owner-c: LEARN4
tech-c: LEARN4
nsstat: 20190307 AA
nslastaa: 20190307
nsstat: 20190307 AA
nslastaa: 20190307
created: 20170424
changed: 20170424

So I assume RNV is your ISP? As you report the changing IP addresses I am sorry to say the on-and-off blocking may continue, Unless you can convince your ISP to place you on an IP NOT shared by spammers.

Good Luck Lou

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