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 What can I actually do? Dictionary attacker?
Author: B.Nesic   (18 Jan 18 6:56am)
Hello. I'm using the IP of

I have been listed as a dictionary attacker, without doing anything wrong. I have tried whitelisting myself several times but it always comes back. I've scanned my computer with everything.

What causes a dictionary attack to be triggered? How can I find the source? What can I do? I can't find any information on how to actually fix this. I am just a regular PC user.
This captcha thing is way too annoying, I hate this whole thing so much, even more so because I'm doing nothing wrong.

This is not the free internet.
 Re: What can I actually do? Dictionary attacker?
Author: H.User1325   (19 Jan 18 9:39am)
Have you checked with your ISP? Is the IP you use shared with others? The problem may not be your computer but another computer that your ISP has assigned to the same IP.

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