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 how to make the @ of an for the existing gmail users
Author: J.Raju   (7 Jul 17 5:44am)
Hi, Interesting that one could avoid spam bot by adding asc11 code for @. Could any one please say , how to change for the existing gmail.
is it only applicable to domain users and not for general users . pl tell.
Will i get replies in my email or should i visit this to know, whether it has been replied or not
 Re: how to make the @ of an for the existing gmail users
Author: J.Raju   (8 Jul 17 7:40am)
Hi, i have searched gmail for the change of at to ascii code. But could not find it. Could any expert say, if it is possible and how to do. when i read how to avoid spam, i come across this tip by the author of the article
 Re: how to make the @ of an for the existing gmail users
Author: D.Procaccini2   (13 Jul 17 10:52am)
Hi Raju,

The suggestion on "How to Avoid Spambots" regarding ascii codes suggests that you use an html entity in the *source code*; this will then be displayed appropriately by the browser. A simple example would be if you had information on an html page "about.html", you could put in the source something like:

<p>For more information email me at:</p>

Which would be displayed as:

For more information email me at:

Your implementation will vary depending on how your site was built, for example, many CMSes allow hooks for changing this before rendering or site builders sometimes have a configuration file for this.

Thanks for writing us and let us know if the issue is still unclear.
 Re: how to make the @ of an for the existing gmail users
Author: J.Raju   (19 Jul 17 1:26am)
Hi, Kind of you,
So I have to come here to search for replies. I undersstand.
I am not a site owner, but merely user of gmail. Then does that not apply to individual mail user?

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