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 Wonderfulsite, but technicalities not clear
Author: J.Raju   (7 Jul 17 5:27am)
It was in 2013, i visited this site and registered without knowing what it is all about. I came to this site, as i could not log in to genuine sites, which i browse regularly. There , some time i get warning of spam check message , and after completing some questions, i was allowed to this site. The discussion of this topic raised curious to learn more about spam and i cliked this site and astonished to see the data base of the infected ips.
My basic question:
Is the log in time of a user , if on a infected ips, would show this kind of spam alerts for genuine sites?
How to avoid using this link.
I am not a domain owner. Just am a browser and user of itnernet. please

do not follow this link

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