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 Cannot whitelist IP - capcha not visible
Author: M.Mlynarski   (22 Dec 16 1:19pm)
My ip address ( was blacklisted due to virus/trojan on my home computer. Because of the blacklist, every site using cloudflare is forcing me to recaptcha. I removed the source of the problem, and want to get rid of the blacklisting.

Cloudflare is directing to this site to whitelist my IP, but the "whitelist" link is directing me to the form I cannot submit - the captcha is missing with cryptic "Unable to save captcha-image."

Where can I whitelist my IP, or fix the problem with the form?
 Re: Cannot whitelist IP - capcha not visible
Author: H.User1325   (22 Dec 16 2:44pm)
See threads

several people are having similar problems.

do not follow this link

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