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 Dictionary Attack
Author: S.Wishart   (13 Dec 16 9:38am)
Its been a while since project honeypot has been accusing me of being a dictionary attacker. I've formated my HD few days ago, and im still being blocked. How can i stop this ?
I've ran Kaspersky Internet Security and Malwarebytes Antimalware to no avail.
 Re: Dictionary Attack
Author: L.Delmont   (29 Dec 16 10:38am)
I know the feeling, disgrace... could be, cause shared ip address from internet provider... even so it's a disgrace, as i work from home, trading, not got time to be filling in ticks, when refreshing my pages... so could be costly if missed a trade like...
Time something was done... if as iv'e read supposed to be for the naughty ones using vpn, laughable cause i have to go from a genuine one to a vpn to avoid the darn thing coming up, used to use a paid one, so costing my bandwidth also, as others like daughter and wife use, we don't want to be confronted with darn captcha every time.. especially on sites we logged in to...

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