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 I am still getting the capcha page
Author: S.Das17   (30 Sep 16 11:00pm)
I have white listed my IP address but I am still getting The "Attention Required" page every time i open a website.I was told that if I white list my IP then this page would stop appearing.
Please Help me.
My IP =
 Re: I am still getting the capcha page
Author: H.User1325   (1 Oct 16 11:01am)
White listing your IP only works if you have fixed the problem.
Reading the comments before the one you added, I see that the IP was white listed on 2016-Sep-29. I also see (at the top of the screen) that the "last received from" is also Sep 29 (2016-09-29). I also notice that this IP has been having 'an issue' with being a directory attacker sense 2012.

Your attempt to white list the IP again at 10:14PM on Sep 30 and posted here ~45 minutes later. The "Honey Pot System" has not taken action on your request ~~ See comments before your request. Given the history of this IP no action may be taken. I'm just another user so I don't know, but given the history I wouldn't hold my breath.

Double posting is a bit much don't you think?

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 Re: I am still getting the capcha page
Author: S.Das17   (2 Oct 16 6:28am)
This IP was provided by my network provider on 29th July 2016, so I had no knowledge of who caused this trouble.I am just an ordinary net browser but it gets pretty annoying to see a capcha puzzle every time I visit a page(even it is the same page opened on 2 tabs).I tried to remove the IP from pbl list on spamhaus but it requires a domain id.I cant afford to open a domain just to whitelist my IP at spamhaus.

Is there any way to get out of this mess plz help.

P.S. - I think double posting was a tad too much but I just wanted too get out of this mess..

 Re: I am still getting the capcha page
Author: H.User1325   (2 Oct 16 10:02am)
Talk to ISP about a different IP address.

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