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 Quick question about linking to the Project
Author: A.Markley   (11 Aug 16 7:46am)
I've been a member since shortly after Project Honey Honey Pot launched. Very impressed with the service. I'm thinking about adding links on my websites with the buttons and code on the "Link to Us" page.

Question: By adding a link, could that tip off harvesters that we use the service? In other words, can harvesters program their spambots to avoid sites with the link code and button image? And could that decrease the effectiveness of honey pots I've installed?

Thanks in advance for any tips and keep up the good work.
 Re: Quick question about linking to the Project
Author: H.User1325   (11 Aug 16 10:14am)
I think you give spammers to much credit. I have both Project Honey Pot and SpamCop buttons on one of my domains. Based on the spam received, the spam on the related forum, and the reports from PHP it doesn't seem to make any difference in the volume.

Or maybe only the dumbest of spammers visit my sights. ;-)

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