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Author: S.Walsh   (24 Jul 16 9:29am)
I keep getting 3-5 visits a day from this cloaked and hidden IP
which appears to be in Russia. What to do? Each visit comes with
a new IP address and blocking the IP of does
no good.

Im installing honeypot code and logo on my site now. I dont even
have email addresses to harvest.

They use

and then

and then

Any suggestions? I dont want to ignore these rats.....

Im not using cloudflare......yet.

Post Edited (24 Jul 16 9:30am)
 Re: russians
Author: Bot Busters   (8 Sep 17 9:30pm) ( -

Since I'm in the USA the whole 62 IP Range was blocked which includes AOL EU

Also block all Referers from!

do not follow this link

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