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 My IP is on this list somehow
Author: N.Bizness   (28 Jun 16 4:03pm)
Get me off it. This is complete garbage. I've never spammed ANYONE OR ANYTHING in my life. I went to the section to whitelist my IP and did it but then why does my IP still come up? Why do I still have to do the stupid f****** captchas every time I go to a cloudflare site??? Why doesn't anyone answer my emails I sent??????

Seriously wtf is going on??? Again, I've never spammed anyone. No clue what a dictionary attack even is but apparently I'm responsible for them in the past week according to the list here. GET MY IP OFF THIS LIST NOW.

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 Re: My IP is on this list somehow
Author: H.User1325   (29 Jun 16 4:04am)
As one user to another, and assuming your are not a troll, what makes you thank with your attitude, that anyone really wants to bother to look into what you thank is your problem. You have provided no information, like you IP address or what you have done to investigate why the IP you use got listed.

In spite of your total disregard for others, do you use a shared IP address? most newbies do and given your language, I tend to think that you are one. Anyone with experience asking for assistance has learned that post similar to your do not receive a positive response, if one at all.
 Re: My IP is on this list somehow
Author: N.Bizness   (29 Jun 16 1:16pm)
Um, not really my problem considering I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG.

Do you really think I'm just going to post my IP address here for everyone to see?? Really??? Who's the newbie here?????


As if they can't tell the IP address I'm posting from anyway.

Idiot again.

Total disregard for others hahahahah. Yeah ok, I'll just leave that one alone.

But no, I do not use a shared IP. Thanks for your concern.

Oh and by the way, I have received a "positive" response to the email I sent them which was worded similarly to my post and also with a similar "attitude" so would you look at that? They did bother to look into it. Amazing!!

So any further discussion will take place there. Ok? I know you were truly concerned.

So to recap... not a troll, someone DID bother to look into their problem, I HAVE provided information, do NOT use a shared IP, NOT a newbie, posts similar to mine HAVE received a positive response... was ANY part of your conceited and patronizing post correct?

Oh that's right, "As one user to another". You ARE another user, so at least you got that part right.

Well done.

But anyway, again, thanks for your concern and your completely useless reply.

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