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 What is a TOR?
Author: T.Garver2   (7 Jun 16 6:29am)
First, thank you for this system!.

At first i thought TOR was short for torrent, then i did some research and it seems like a new breed of proxies that are undetectable.

So my question: Does project honey pot have a means of detection of these types of requests?

I am starting to see a good bit of traffic from them or at least i think i am, and i am just manually looking them up on the TorStatus page, but i am not sure if that means its a valid request or not.

Any insight would be helpful.

Thanks again

 Re: What is a TOR?
Author: J.Editor   (2 Sep 16 7:24am)
They could be hackers, are you getting things like the referral URL being pizza tycoon and similar? Another toxic one I'm getting multiple hits each day with falsified details I posted previously, hosted by Black Oak Computers.
 Re: What is a TOR?
Author: Bot Busters   (8 Sep 17 9:41pm)
Lot of this crap is coming from Spam Host!
deny from 208.73.208 208.73.209 208.73.210 208.73.211

TOR is used to hide from BigBrother, but it can also be used for evil.
I also block TOR referers just to be safe ;)

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